Saturday 27 July 2013

July 27th

Under Starter's order . . . Two down and one to go, PC Camps that is.  So far, so good. The two youngest have returned, scruffy but happy from their respective hols and now have great plans; "Mummy, you're going to have to be much fitter if I have to Hunt on lead rein. . . "  and,  "I know my pony can jump big fences. He's so bouncy, he'll only have to bounce a bit higher !"
I do have to say that, so far, all has gone swimmingly . . . with the children . . .
He-who-believes-he-should-be-obeyed, fared slightly less well:
"What have you left for me to eat ?"
"I'm only gone for one night"
"The cupboard is bare"
"Well, the freezer isn't"
"But I can't find anything" . . . The new, upright; side by side fridge freezer arrives next week !

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