Sunday 28 July 2013

July 28th

Woke this morning to rain streaming down in that ominous straight trajectory that always seems to indicate the start of monsoon season (on the Nat Geo channel anyway)  Here in Northumberland, however, it means only one thing; Harvest time !
The pick-up has bogged down already; leggings and wellies have reappeared (and are now leaking through ... he-who-believes-he-should-be-obeyed is soaked to the nethers !  ) and gloomy predictions abound . . . Based on a calculation of the amount of corn lying, washed off and on the ground / sq inch = total acreage ... We're going to be written off and bankrupted !
In addition, it's apparently inevitable that the fourteen in-calf heifers that arrived last night are all going to slip if they go hooning around in this wet  (they've all got their heads down, munching contentedly) . . .
Let's just check the forecast again . . . !

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