Wednesday 31 July 2013

July 31st

Our new super-duper; all singing, all dancing fridge freezer arrived today . . . so, as I rearranged the boot room to clear a workable space (not occupied by wellies; leggings; overalls; dogs dishes; coats; logs; a chest freezer and the cat) in which it should be placed with all due obeisance . . . Oops . . . it seems that the old carpet had lifted with such vigorous activity. . . what a shame . . . Better to get the whole thing up . . . We're going to need some flooring done !
Positively quivering at the anticipation of a dedicated beer shelf, he-who-believes-he-should-be-obeyed  greeted the delivery men with the level of enthusiasm normally reserved for the appearance of  burlesque dancers !
With much flourish the box was removed and the glorious item loaded onto the trolley.
The delivery men huffed and puffed; he-who-believes-he-should-be-obeyed developed an upper lip sweat . . . the damn thing wouldn't fit through the door !
We took off the door . . . Still wouldn't fit . . .
There was no other option . . .  it was going to have to go though the front of the house; past the sitting and dining rooms; we'd have to remove the hall door; then pass the cellar door; pass the pantry; through the kitchen and into it's rightful place.
The delivery men have replaced the doors and are are threatening to boycott the Farm . . .  but the cold beer is now going down very nicely indeed  !

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